Weekly Update - September 29, 2019

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<September 29>

This week we’ll be continuing in our series, “DNA: A Series on Who We Are” that focuses on our purpose: We exist to display the greatness of Jesus, through proclaiming the gospel of God’s kingdom, pursuing Christ in community, and participating in God’s mission.

Rayshawn will be preaching from Romans 12:9-13. Last week’s sermon can be heard here.

We want to encourage you to take a moment this week as you prepare for our time together on Sunday by reading and praying through the passages. 

Consider thinking through these four questions as you read and pray. 

  1. How can I adore God from this passage?

  2. What sin does this passage lead me to confess?

  3. How does this passage help me to thank Jesus?

  4. From this passage, in what ways can I ask God's Spirit to help me this week?

Songs We'll Be Singing Together

Because Sunday morning is a time and space where we come together around God's word, we want to come expectant and prepared to gather with God's people. An additional way we want to encourage this is by providing the songs we'll be singing together in advance.

  1. Be Thou My Vision

  2. Lovely Lord

  3. Just As I Am

  4. How Deep The Father's Love For Us

  5. I'm Forever Grateful

  6. Man of Sorrows

What’s Happening?


Community Groups

Community Groups are starting back! Click here for more information about our groups.


Scripture Reading

Reading the Bible during our Sunday service is a great way to encourage others by simply…reading. Jump in as we’re going through John’s gospel. Sign up here.

Weekly Resources

Here are some resources that our elders recommend checking out this week. Please feel free to use them as discipleship opportunities to discuss with one another.

Three Kinds of Kingdom Interactions (Not All of Them Are Evangelism) If outreach builds a bridge through relationship, evangelism walks across that bridge at the right time with the specifics of the gospel message. When you spend time getting to know someone, you’re better able to know when they might be ready to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Are You Too Busy To Disciple Someone? Christianity is not an individualistic religion. The Christian life is lived in community, and the body makes a key (nonnegotiable) contribution to the Christian’s growth

Created To Clean Toilets  What if the request for help and service began not with us but the need? What if we said, “This is a need in my church. Why not me?” Instead of attempting to disqualify ourselves from serving, seek instead to assess the need and whether it is something we could personally fulfill.

Got Prayer?

If there's something you'd like for our leaders and our church to be praying with you about, fill out the prayer request form.