We are Gospel-Centered

We are Gospel-Centered because the good news about the person and work of Jesus is central to our conviction and our culture. You could also say that we’re Jesus-Centered. The Bible’s central message is about Jesus and His redemptive work accomplished for God’s people and our aim as a church is to be shaped by this good news in our culture, our commitments, and our character. The gospel is the fuel that burns in the heart of every Christian, every day, motivating us to love Jesus and live for Him. Without the message of the gospel constantly informing our thoughts and actions, we would easily slip into duty bound religion, legalism, formalism, and many other forms of idolatry.

We are Community-Committed

We are Community-Committed because we are committed to displaying and pursuing the fellowship and unity that has been achieved for us in the gospel. We believe that through Jesus, God creates a new community of people and brings us into His family. Therefore we are committed to one another through loving one another, serving one another, and being accountable to one another.

We are Mission-Conscious

We are Mission-Conscious because God’s mission to the church and for the church is what we want to continuously be aware of as a church and in our individual lives. God’s mission to the church is to conform His people into more Christ-likeness through the process of sanctification and God’s for the church is to make disciples of all nations. Our desire as the church is to equip one another to make disciples and to be sent as God’s people into the world to advance His mission.